hypnotherapy, humanistic and cognitive behavioral therapy.  She also had the privilege of studying under the originators of two wholistic paradigms:  the Biopsychosocial model and Psychoneuroimmunology.  Dr. Dana Shaw has completed 

continuing education courses in orthomolecular/nutrient-based psychiatry, neurotransmitter analysis, toxicity/detoxification, 

medical and naturopathic nutrition, applied psycho-neurobiology, biofeedback, endocrinology, inflammatory disease, kinesiology, yoga-breathe-movement, mental imagery, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and Emotional Stress Release.


In 2014, Dr. Shaw lectured on neurotransmitter analysis and psychoneuroimmunology at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.  In the academic setting, she has presented her research on the psychological effects of displacement for refugees, and has mentored and educated medical students and residents in psychiatry.  She currently serves as a program leader and facilitator for the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC).  


Dr. Shaw's private practice includes the management of mood disorders and fatigue-related symptoms including anxiety, depression (including postpartum), bipolar, OCD, panic attacks, fears/phobias, irritability, mood swings, poor focus or concentration, low energy, and loss of motivation.  Dr. Shaw's goal is to help her patients improve their daily functioning and to reach their highest potential.  Click here to learn about Dr. Shaw's philosophy and approach to patient care.

Dana Shaw, MD, is an integrative and holistic psychiatrist in New York City, combining expertise in conventional psychiatry, psychotherapy, and alternative treatment approaches.  Dr. Shaw graduated with an undergraduate degree in Drama and World Religions at Syracuse University.  She then completed her second undergraduate degree in Clinical Nutrition and graduated with honors from Cornell University (New York).  Dr. Shaw earned her medical degree from University at Buffalo (New York) and completed psychiatric residency training at the University of Rochester (New York) in Family and Marital therapy.


During her residency, Dr. Dana Shaw studied multiple forms of 

psychotherapy including Jungian, psychodynamic, Ericksonian 

About Dana Shaw, MD  NYC Integrative & Holistic Psychiatrist

"My experiences have enriched my understanding of different life and health perspectives, which I bring to my practice, and I consider myself to be a guide and collaborator, with the ultimate goal of assisting those with whom I work to develop self-awareness, and become a self-director, in their health and wellness."  - Dana Shaw, MD, Integrative & Holistic Psychiatrist