New Patient Information

Dr. Dana Shaw is currently accepting new patients ages 18 and older for in-person appointments at her office located in New York City.  To request an appointment, please email and use the subject line "Appointment Request".


Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response excluding weekends and holidays.

Important:  Please do not use email to send messages about any urgent or crisis matter.  No situation that poses a risk to health or safety, for yourself or others, should ever be addressed via email.  Instead, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room for help.

Skype / Phone Appointments

Dr. Shaw is available for long distance virtual Skype or telephone consultations.  Dr. Shaw utilizes confidential email communication to delivery high quality care to her patients.

New Patient Forms

Dr. Shaw kindly asks that all new patients complete the New Patient Forms prior to their initial appointment.

Please click on the hand to the left or this link to download and print:  New Patient Forms.

Appointment Policies

There is a seven day (one week) cancellation policy for new patient appointments and a three business day cancellation 

for follow-up appointments.  

Cancellations made within two business days or less, as well as missed appointments, will be charged in full, except in the case of true emergencies.  In the event of a late cancellation, please e-mail Dr. Shaw at, or leave a message at (347) 552-1300.


Dr. Shaw is an out-of-network provider and does not accept insurance.  You will be provided with the diagnostic codes at each visit that can be submitted to your insurance for possible reimbursement.


Please note that a $200.00 deposit is required to hold your initial appointment.  The remaining appointment balance is due at the time of your first visit.  For initial appointment cancellations made within two business days, a full refund will issued to your credit card.

Dr. Shaw accepts all major credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, Discover, and American Express), check, or cash payments for in-person appointments.  We kindly ask that a credit card be kept securely on file for missed appointment charges.


Credit card payment is required for all Skype/telephone consultations. 

Laboratory Testing

Dr. Shaw frequently orders labs that are generally covered by health insurance, such as LabCorp and Quest.  Without insurance coverage, the cost of the basic metabolic panel is $235.00.  All testing ordered by Dr. Shaw is eligible for possible reimbursement through your PPO insurance.  


Sometimes, however, more advanced testing is needed.  Dr. Shaw does not mark up the cost of any labotatory tests, and all specialized testing options and costs will be reviewed with you.


Nutritional supplements are often prescribed by Dr. Shaw.  The prescribed nutrients should be taken with substantial meals to minimize the tendency for nausea or stomach discomfort.  Individuals with heightened stomach sensitivity should start at lower dosages and titrate up to full doses, as tolerated.

It is recommended that you avoid low-cost nutrients from poorly-known companies.  Many “bargain” supplements come from places like India and China and may have elevated levels of lead, mercury, and other toxics.  Some of the reliable brands include NOW, Biotics/Metabolic Management, Nordic Naturals, Klaire Labs, Carlson, and Kirkman.

Patients interested in reducing the number of nutrients may want to consider compounding their nutrient therapy program. Compounding of prescribed nutrients can be effective in (a) improving treatment compliance, and (b) providing an alternative for children and others who do not swallow capsules.  Effective nutrient therapy sometimes involves a large number of individual vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and many patients have difficulty taking numerous capsules and tablets.  Compounding of the prescribed nutrients can usually reduce the number of capsules by 50-80% and ease compliance problems.  

Dr. Shaw generally recommends the use of the following compounding pharmacy that uses high-purity nutrients:

Village Green Apothecary
5415 W. Cedar Lane
Bethesda, MD   20814
Phone:  301-530-0800, ext. 1012 (Ron Keech, RPh)
Fax:  301-963-2702

Medication Refills

To request a medication refill, please contact your pharmacy and they will contact Dr. Shaw for authorization if necessary. Please allow 24-48 business hours for Dr. Shaw to complete your request.