Dr. Shaw's Services

 An initial appointment with Dr. Dana Shaw consists of a comprehensive health history, one-on-one consultation,

and holistic treatment planning tailored to address the whole person.  A review of evidence-based alternatives to medications will be discussed including dietary, lifestyle and environmental influences that impact overall health and emotional wellbeing.


Dr. Shaw's recommendations are based on an individualized integrative approach, taking into account the many facets of a person – mental, physical, and spiritual life, family and social environment, work atmosphere, and motivation for his or her own personal health transformation.  


Services and treatments may include advanced nutrient therapy (vitamins, minerals and amino acids), functional and metabolic laboratory testing, gastrointestinal assessment, detoxification, psychotherapy, biofeedback, nutritional/lifestyle counseling, mental imagery exercises, as well as medication management.

Treatment Modalities


Advanced Nutrient Therapy

Advanced nutrient therapy (individualized vitamins, minerals and amino acids) offers a natural treatment method of correcting imbalances in neurotransmitter activity.  This approach often leads to the reduction or elimination of prescription medications.

Gastrointestinal Assessment

Gut bacteria produces hundreds of chemicals that are used to regulate mental processing.  A comprehensive GI analysis tests for digestive system function as well as the "good" and "bad" bacteria that regulate the brain's serotonin.  

Mental Imagery

Guided mental imagery is an active mind-body therapy, which utilizes one's imagination to create a positive perceptual experience, promoting focus, improved concentration, and relaxation.

NES Health - Total WellNES System

The NES Total WellNES System is a non-invasive, comprehensive wellness program that utilizes biotechnology to re-balance, support, and optimize the body's energy systems.


Psychotherapy offers an ongoing therapeutic relationship to cultivate personal growth, awareness, and understanding.  Develop the skills to break persistent thought or behavior patterns through cognitive behavioral therapy.

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